Choose FGI Landscaping

Choose FGI Landscaping

Working with nature in becoming environmental stewards

FGI makes it incumbent upon ourselves to know and understand the local Buffalo and WNY environment and ecological systems. We make it a priority to educate clients as to the best methods to manipulate our land and landscapes while being ecological stewards. We mitigate the introduction of invasive weed seeds; promote insect, pollinators and bird ecosystems, provide an aesthetic appealing landscape through the focus on Northeast and WNY native plants. These efforts are in line with NOFA Standards - (Northeast Organic Farmers Association)- and we are invested in creating a sustainable and enjoyable landscape for years to come.

Soil Health is absolutely everything to the sustaining of plants, animals, insects, water resources, and certainly humans.The healthier and more micro bio-diverse the soil is the healthier the plants and water are. Healthy soil equals healthy food. FGI has referred to and reviewed these publications and also a number of local professionals in the industry that support and endorse the same

Working with local and trusted contractors we are prepared to tackle any size project that you require. FGI Landscaping is aligned with a small pool of highly qualified and experienced specialty contractors that we partner with to provide a diverse range of services to our clients. We pride ourselves in professional and all inclusive project management from the initial walk through to the end result.

Our design services focus on sustainability and ecology along with function rather than conventional and more common plant selections, competing with neighbors, achieving the perfect green lawn..... Landscapes that are properly planned are a worthwhile investment in the interactions you will have with your property. Utilizing native plants allows the native pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths to pollinate the sweet and tasty foods that we consume. Birds and small wildlife all disperse seeds and nuts that are key to the plant kingdom's ability to proliferate and sustain species. When we see native insects on native plants, we convey to the clients that their landscape is in good ecological health as well as demonstrating valuable biodiversity.

FGI and trusted partners can provide the following Site Work Services:

Landscape Lighting and Electrical Work

  • Sustainable, simplified and cost effective Low Voltage LED systems

Tree Care and Disease Identification
Landscape Assessment's

  • Either residential or commercial. By function we promote that any landscape should have some sort of human and ecological function and benefit. We aim to give something back to nature instead of always taking and merely using.

Stormwater Management & Landscape Design
  • FGI will work with our experienced professional partners and plan to mitigate the negative impacts pollutant laden rain/storm water runoff in any property we are caring for or designing anew.
  • Rain Gardens
  • Improved soils - moisture retention
  • Native plants that develop foliage and root biomass to accommodate excess moisture
  • Understanding and factoring in EVT rates: EVapoTranspiration
  • Bio-retention systems in parking lots

--- NOTE: If you would like to know more specifics about these above practices, we would be glad to answer your questions on those.

Project Management
Site Work
Paving/Permeable Driveways