Get a Garden That Is Beautiful, Functional and Environmentally Friendly

Get a Garden That Is Beautiful, Functional and Environmentally Friendly

Find out how a rain garden can beautify and benefit your yard in Buffalo, NY

Today, most homes have watertight roofs, driveways, sidewalks and more. Surface runoff from these solid materials causes pollution to be carried to lakes and rivers, endangering wildlife and contaminating our drinking water. Luckily, FGI Landscaping Inc has landscaping solutions that lessen the amount of polluted runoff that makes it into important water sources.

Schedule a consultation today to speak with a professional in Buffalo, NY about installing a permeable driveway, adding a rain garden or doing native planting at your home.

We'll help you find the right landscaping solution for your home

Want to upgrade your outdoor space but not sure where to start? Consider adding:

A rain garden - your rain garden will be filled with flowering plants, green grass and shrubbery that soak up rainwater runoff from your roof or driveway.
A permeable driveway - your permeable drive or walkway will allow water to drain into the ground and reduce the amount of heat accumulated around your property.
Native plants - your native plant garden will increase air quality and add life to your property. Try planting lady ferns, foamflowers, butterfly milkweeds or wild geraniums.

Our landscaping services in the Buffalo, NY area are guaranteed to add beauty to your yard and help preserve biodiversity. Call now for a free estimate on your landscaping project.

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