About Us

FGI Landscaping is a homegrown Buffalo business established in 2008. 11 years later, as lifelong residents of the city, we are committed to providing professional and reliable landscaping services year round. We pride ourselves in our customer service and will make sure you are happy with our work.

We recognize the increasing demand for sustainable landscape infrastructures. This year we are excited to continue working with Buffalo River Compost in providing COMPOST as an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional dyed mulch.

Worker Bios

Alistair Holden - Owner/Operator of FGI Landscaping for 10+ years

Lifelong Buffalo resident and proud to call Buffalo home. Owner/Operator at FGI Landscaping for almost 10 years. I value the relationships developed with customers over years of providing reliable and professional services. When not working I enjoy mountain biking, camping and hiking with family and friends. I love to be outside, pursuing my passions while continuing to grow the business through personal relationships with new customers. I look forward to hearing from you and working together on your property landscaping needs.

Daniel Pimpo - Mowing Crew leader and Maintenance Technician

My name is Daniel, this will be my second year with FGI Landscaping. I have enjoyed working outside in the Buffalo, NY landscaping industry for the better part of a decade. I am a Buffalo native and well versed in the inclement weather conditions in my hometown. When not working I enjoy staying active playing in local soccer leagues and automotive recreational activities. I look forward to providing you with our year-round landscaping services; please feel free to ask me anytime I am working on your property

Colin Markarian - Foreman

I have been working with FGI Landscaping over the last four years, presently in my last semester for a Bachelor's degree in Communications at Niagara University. I am born and raised in Buffalo and absolutely love the four seasons of weather we are blessed with, especially skiing in winter! Over the last four years with FGI Landscaping, I have gained experience in project management, leadership, teamwork and organizational skills. Having the right tools and team for the job ensures the end outcome is a success for our customers and shows we pride ourselves in the manner in which we complete the work. I am excited to be returning to the position of Foreman for another year of exciting work in 2021. If you see me on the crew I am always happy to talk if you have any questions about the project. Please feel free to approach me with any questions or concerns this season.

Corey Hunter - CNLP

Born in the city's west side in the 1980's, before smart phones and social media were a thing, I spent most of my childhood playing outside. On those sunny days of my youth, I recall the pure joy of making mud pies, picking dandelions, and planting seeds. As an adult, not much has changed. Except now my mud pies are soil ribbon tests and the seeds I plant are the ones that I grow for the Buffalo Parks Department. I am forever grateful to the plants of the world and I offer myself to them as a humble servant. My role at FGI is to cultivate gardens that are healthy and happy. I have over ten years of experience in the green industry, a degree in horticulture, and I am a registered CNLP - Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional. When I'm not working with plants, I can usually be found exploring the urban ecosystem with my three rescue dogs or riding my bicycle around town.

Ryan Rucinski - Horticulture and Sustainability Foreman

Recently completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from The University at Buffalo, with the goal of having a career in ecological restoration, bringing back a healthy nature to our lives. I have been extremely lucky to be employed by FGI which uses organic practices, and preferences installing native and pollinator plants. My favorite methods of restoration are Native Plant Agriculture, Agroforestry and Permaculture, which are systems utilizing specific plant communities to provide landscape interest, human sustenance, and also provide ecosystem services for the local environment. Some of my other hobbies include nutrition, cooking, and spending time exploring our local parks and forests.

Looking forward to gardening for you, helping your yard to look beautiful, and do work for nature at the same time! I would love to chat with you about locally native edible and pollinator plants.